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The Disclosure & Barring Service have been experiencing some difficulties with regard to their new IT system which has recently been installed which seems to have had some teething problems.  We apologise in advance for any delays in receiving either the DBS Adult first results or DBS Certificates, but it is out of our hands.  

03/14 - Important News -The Disclosure & Barring Service will only have limited availability from the 7th -12th March.  

  • From 6th-7th March DBS staff will be taking Industrial Action - this action has been called off.
  • From 7th-12th March the DBS are suspending some services because they are making changes to their IT systems.

The following services provided by The Disclosure and Barring Service will be unavailable during this period:

  1. DBS tracking service will be unavailable - DBS applications will be processed but you will not be able to track them via the DBS tracking website.  
  2. DBS Adult First checks will be unavailable - DBS Adult First (previously called ISA Adult First or PoVA First) requests cannot be made and results will not be issued. Please do not request DBS Adult First checks during this time period as they will not be processed.
  3. DBS Call Centre will provide a very limited service

Whilst the DBS only envisage the above services to be affected until 12th March, they may well be unavailable after this date.

This disruption is likely to cause a knock-on effect to DBS application processing times (Standard and Enhanced level), so DBS applications submitted during March, will probably take longer than current processing times.  We will do everything we can to ensure applications are processed as quickly as possible

Please note, the Disclosure and Barring Service provide the above services.  These disruptions are out of our control. If you have any queries, please get in touch.

This will not affect the Basic Disclosure application service or processing time-frames for Basic Disclosure applications. 


20/06 - The Update Service is now open.

30/05 - As of yesterday, the DBS will start filtering old and minor offences so that they no longer appear on Disclosure certificates. For an explanation of what offences will be filtered, please see here. Note that when answering question e55, which asks if they have ever been convicted or received a caution, reprimand or warning, applicants should now answer the question as though it asked about unspent convictions etc. only.


28/05 - The forms used to apply for Basic Disclosures will be changing. While we currently have very little information ont he nature of these changes, we do know that new paper forms will be coming very shortly, although you can continue to use the old ones until mid-July. Online forms will be changing in August.

21/05 - The new Update Service will mean some changes in the way in which the "Position applied for" question is answered. Currently, there are two lines given on the form to write a description of the job or volunteering role the applicant will be doing. In future, you should indicate whether the applicant is working with children, vulnerable adults, both or neither on the first line, and give the job description on the second line. For example, instead of writing "Primary School Teacher", you should write "Child Workforce" on the first line and "Primary School Teacher on the second line. This change won't be enforced until the Update Service begins, but the DBS reccomends that you begin completing forms in this way as soon as possible. For more information, see our Update Service page.

16/04 - The latest edition of Disclosure News contains some important information. Firstly, the Update Service should be launching this summer, and should cost around £10 per year for each person subscribed. It will allow employers to check online whether their employees' DBS checks are still valid, and should cut down on the need for rechecks. Around the same time, the DBS will start only sending out a single copy of the Disclosure certificate. This copy will be sent directly to the applicant, who will then be responsible for showing it to their employer.


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