Registering with Life Opportunities is quick, easy, and completely free of charge.

  • No Registration Fee
  • No Subscription Fee
  • No Minimum Form Requirement
  • No Obligations

Simply complete our registration form and email it to us, and we will send you our comprehensive Application Pack. The pack contains everything you need, including  the Disclosure application forms themselves and comprehensive guidance on how to complete them. To make everything as convenient as possible, we even include simple policy documents on the recruitment of ex-offenders and the storage and disposal of disclosures, which only need to be adopted and signed to ensure you are in full legal compliance with the DBS Code of Practice.

Before registering, please make sure that you know what level of Disclosure you require and that you are legally entitled to request them. You can find information on this here.

What happens next?

Ask your applicants to complete a disclosure form and provide a few items of ID (information on ID is included in the Application Pack). Return the form to us along with photocopies of the ID, and we will check it, contact you to amend any errors or omissions, and send the application to the Disclosure and Barring Service. They will process the form within 2-4 weeks, print the Disclosures, and send copies to the applicant and to ourselves. As soon as we receive each Disclosure, we will forward it directly to you. 

Please follow this link to download our registration form and information guide. When you're done filling it in, email it to us and we'll send out your application pack as quickly as possible.

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